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Whether you’re fixing a roof, fitting the inside of a gym or building a multi-storey car park, hiring a spider lift can help reduce the time it takes to get the job done. Specialist tracked platforms, also known as spider lifts, provide flexible access for a variety of jobs that are not always suitable for conventional MEWPs. They get their name from their legs, which stretch out to provide balance and safety during use. Not only do they allow work to be carried out internally or externally, they can be used in a variety of industries and applications, providing flexibility for a range of jobs.

Spider lift rental can either be on short or long term hire, with different sizes and models available. This article explores the top 10 benefits of using a specialist tracked platform and acts as a useful guide to help you decide whether a spider lift is the right piece of equipment for the job.

Benefit 1: Narrow

A bit like an actual spider, spider lifts can reach awkward places and pass through narrow passages with ease. Some MEWPs are simply too big to access certain locations, whereas spider lifts are narrow and flexible. This makes specialist tracked platforms good for confined or congested working areas where space is tight.

Benefit 2: Lightweight

One of the biggest benefits of a spider lift is its weight. Whereas some specialist machinery needs to be transported by a heavy weight truck or lorry, a spider lift is easier to transport because it is much lighter.

Benefit 3: Gradeability

Spider lifts are capable of climbing steep locations at quite a speed. This makes access to a workplace much easier and quicker, as you don’t have to worry about the platform tipping or falling over during use.

Benefit 4: Flexible

Specialist tracked platforms are built with multiple hinges in their arm, which gives lots of flexibility to work around obstacles like buildings or other machinery. They typically have a working outreach of up to nearly 10m, making them ideal for reaching high ceilings or awkward rooftops.

Benefit 5: Rugged

Great for construction projects and the maintenance of buildings, spider lifts are able to work safely on slopes and travel up stairs. This really sets them apart from other work platforms, as they are rugged enough to work outdoors but are also compact enough to work indoors. This makes them ideal for use in warehouses, museums and shopping centres as well as on construction sites.

Benefit 6: Stable

Spider lifts are different to traditional MEWPs as they are specifically designed to work on uneven or unstable ground that other machinery can’t access. This makes them perfect for working on slopes or rural ground, as they are very agile and can cope with different grounds very well. Their legs will stretch out to provide a safe platform to work from, and they have built-in multi-position and multi-levelling features for a sturdy balance.

Benefit 7: Electric or diesel

Depending on what you are using the specialist tracked platform for, you can either connect it to mains electricity if working inside, or power it with diesel if outside. This could help to reduce costs if you can connect to mains electricity rather than buying fuel.

Benefit 8: Compact

Spider lifts are able to fit through a standard doorway. Again, this is possible inside and outside. Although they can stretch out, they can also be made very compact to fit through tight doorways and passages without causing damage.

Benefit 9: Multi-use

Some mobile elevated work platforms can only be used on construction sites where access is easy. However, a spider lift can be used for work in schools, churches, cathedrals, gymnasiums, swimming pools & leisure centres, listed buildings, atriums, airports & aviation, hospitals, prisons, sports courts, pitches & stadiums, museums, theatres, art galleries & exhibition centres, shopping centres, multi-storey car parks, construction sites, residential properties, rural areas and film & TV locations.

Benefit 10: Equal weight distribution

Built with low floor loadings, spider lifts are able to operate on specialist flooring such as raised floors, walkways, tiled floors, granite, sports pitches and fields. They have equal weight distribution to stop causing damage to the floor underneath.

A summary of the key benefits

Spider lifts have many benefits, namely their size which allows them to fit through small gaps and their gradeability which helps them work on unstable ground. They make height access jobs much safer and more secure than other height working platforms. From window cleaning and decorating to building work and tree surgery, spider lifts get the job done much quicker and with less stress. Here is a quick round-up of the ten benefits:

1. Narrow – for working in tight spaces
2. Lightweight – for easy transportation
3. Gradeability – for climbing steep gradients at speed
4. Flexible – for reaching high or awkward places
5. Rugged – for working on stairs and slopes
6. Stable – for working on uneven ground
7. Electric or diesel – for internal or external use
8. Compact – to fit through a standard doorway
9. Multi-use – for working in schools, gyms, churches and more
10. Equal weight distribution – to stop damage to the floor underneath

How we can help

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