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Spider Lifts are a specialist type of MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform) that provide a unique temporary access solution to otherwise inaccessible areas that traditional access platforms cannot reach.

What makes spider lifts unique?


Many of these machines are specifically designed to travel through a standard doorway or gateway, creating a unique working at height solution for situations where access can only be gained via narrower routes. Furthermore the integration of tracks as opposed to wheels means that it can cope with a far wider range of terrains than the alternatives. These features are why spiders are becoming the number one choice for works in listed buildings, schools, halls, offices and residential areas where larger equipment simply cannot get in and the alternatives are simply not up to the job.


The spider lifts are generally available on braked trailers meaning massively reduced transport costs due to the ability to move the platforms between sites without the use of a HGV, furthermore they are also manufactured with self-propelled tracks so they can be moved by the operator on site with ease, without the need to be put on the trailer in between tasks saving time, money and improving safety on site.


These units are available in both single and duel fuel source options (battery and / or diesel) meaning a single machine can be operated both inside and outdoors making them an excellent tool for Facilities Management company’s or large asset owners that have works inside and out.


These platforms are very lightweight meaning they can be used in a variety of situations where heavier alternatives are not viable. This is perfect for weight-restricted areas such as atriums, shop floors, showrooms, gardens and sports pitches.


These platforms benefit from self-levelling outriggers, enabling them to be set up and operated quickly and safely on uneven ground and even on slopes.

This unique feature means that they can be used in many situations where traditional wheeled access is not an option and has meant that spiders are becoming the first choice on building sites where Health and Safety is understandably such a key concern.

Why use Spider Lifts?

 In the UK and European market, spider lifts are available in heights from 12m to 52m meaning that most access needs can be met with one model or another, As a result and given the addition of the above benefits these platforms are becoming the go to solution for all kinds of operations from roofing to window cleaning to commercial decorating and tree surgeons, we have even seen them used for the erection of street lighting and signage.

 Above all, Spider Lifts allow for manoeuvrability when access to difficult areas is required. These temporary platforms eliminate the need for scaffolding and do so at a lower cost and in a fraction of the time. Given that the spider lifts are self powered, they enable a single operator to easily complete a range of jobs, in the same amount of time that it would take a number of people to simply construct the scaffolding. This saves precious time and money.

 Why rent a Spider Lift?

 Many businesses and organisations use Spider Lift rentals as a cost-effective way to take advantage of these dedicated platforms without the initial outlay or the added expenses that are associated with maintenance and storage.

Rentals are available for every type and category of Spider Lift that is for sale, making this the ideal solution for any short to medium term project.

Highway Hire offers a wide range of the latest van-mounted and specialist tracked access platforms to hire with a range of working heights of up to 26 metres. This, our second to none customer service and an in-depth product knowledge makes Highway hire the ideal one stop shop for all your access needs.

Our key clients currently include utility, CCTV and lighting contractors, civil engineers, industrial window cleaners, office refurbishment provides, general builders , roofers , street lighting installers, local authorities and FM companies , however we are confident that whatever the working at height requirement we have the solution for you.

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