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In construction, no two jobs are the same, there is seldom a one size fits all solution that will work for every situation.

This principle is the same when referring to completed builds, no two properties are identical in every way, and furthermore, once on site the access requirements for different jobs need different access solutions. This is where spider lifts come up trumps nearly every time.

There are very few other access solutions that can be used inside or out, that can be used on level or uneven ground. These machines are light-weight, self-propelled and extremely manoeuvrable, with amazing vertical and horizontal reach, what more could you want from a vehicle mounted access platform?

You may say “to go through a standard door”, we are proud to say that our spider cranes can!

Our 14m and 17m spider lift rentals can fit through a standard domestic doorway and once inside, a simple process enables the spider to quickly deploy its legs making it ready for work, providing stable access on even the most un-level of floors. A further benefit of our spider lifts is that at a flick of a switch these fantastic pieces of plant can work on mains power as opposed to traditional fuel, adding to their versatility meaning they can safely be used in enclosed places.

You may say “we need enough power and space to lift two men”; we know ours can!

Our spider cranes have the ability to carry over 200kg allowing room and weight for two average men and their tools, meaning that they are a safe solution for jobs when just one pair of hands simply will not do.

You may say “I don’t want to keep going up and down simply to set and reset the legs”; the good news is that with a spider lift you don’t need to!

Unlike many of the alternative vertical access products on the market, spider lifts have the ability to reach horizontally as well as vertically, so there is no need to keep dropping to ground level just to change position after every job. This simple feature really cuts working time and saving time means saving money, making this a win-win solution for all concerned.

We have found that for these reasons, amongst many others, in many instances spider lifts are the only vehicle mounted access platform hire solution.

We have chosen to partner with the team at Hinowa to offer our customers the very best equipment at the most affordable prices. We made this choice for many reasons, but with unrivalled technical support direct from the manufacturer’s main distributer and an online diagnostic system, this decision was a no brainer.

So what’s an online diagnostic system? Hinowa’s latest machines all have a ground-breaking online diagnostics system that in simple terms enables us to remotely log into the access platforms, from our depot, determine a fault and talk the customer through any issues – the very few we have had have all been down to basic user error, which have had quick and simple fixes that we have been able to deal with immediately. As a result of this system, the fact is that we can often get the user back up and running in a matter of minutes without the need to visit site, saving valuable time and money for the user, furthermore offering all important piece of mind to the operator.

Not sure which spider lift is for you?

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