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Vehicle mounted access platforms are one of the most popular type of MEWPs (mobile elevated work platforms). This is due to the fact that the platform is attached to a working van or truck meaning they can be transported from site to site and along a road, without the need to load and unload at each stop.

Whilst it cannot be denied that their convenience is second to none, a question we are often asked is which vehicle to take … Like most forms of MEWP, they come in all shapes and sizes, at highway hire we have van mounted platform rentals with reaches ranging from 12- 22 m!

One of the key things to consider with vehicle mounted access platforms is payload, we have found that our 12.5m and 14m reach 3.5ton MEWP rentals have historically been very popular with street lighting companies, this is because they can be driven on a standard driving licence and can hold a reasonable amount of equipment within the body of the van, whilst enabling the user to reach the majority of street lights from the roadside.

However, due to advancement in technology and increasing electricity costs there has been a growing number of councils that have opted to undertake large scale LED lantern replacement projects, where they replace traditional street light heads with new energy efficient LED heads.

This has meant that there is a growing requirement for van mounted MEWPs for rent with greater payloads, as 2 man crews can be expected to replace up to 20-30 lanterns a day, and when they do so remove the existing lanterns and take them to back to their depot for recycling.

Furthermore, in some cases the crews are also required to remove / replace existing brackets, bearing in mind lanterns can weigh between 8 and 20 kg and the brackets vary greatly in weight, once 2 adults are included the vans can be expected to carry well over 400kg.

This may not sound like a lot, however given that the vans have been structurally enhanced to enable them to carry a 12.5m access platform and built in outriggers, traditional 3.5 ton van mounts generally do not have sufficient spare payload for this type of work.

For this reason Highway Hire have invested heavily in our fleet to offer two solutions to the street lighting contractor’s payload issue, the first is a new type of 3.5 ton van mounted 12.5m access platform for rent that has a simpler and lighter model platform.

This van mounted platform is a great piece of plant, its lightweight and versatile meaning it can be operated in all conditions by standard licence holders (modern standard licence holders are limited to driving vehicles up to 3.5 tons) making it a more flexible piece of equipment when you have a workforce with various licences.

The other solution is a more traditional in nature, whilst we accept that not all licence holders will be able to drive them, Highway hire have also invested in new 5.5 ton vehicle mounted access platforms for rent that have the obvious benefit of a much higher payload. These van mounted access platforms are true work horses and enable the user to carry several times the amount of equipment as a standard 3.5 ton van mounted access platform.

We are sure that Highway Hire’s new MEWP rentals will not be available for long so call us now on 0845 600 2028 for your free no obligation quote and our friendly team will be happy to help.